Crisis in Egypt

Our Egyptian partners need your prayers and donations as they stand strong in the midst of chaos.

Samaritan’s Purse has been called upon to help people in Egypt who have lost their homes during the country’s most recent political upheaval.

These victims are among many whose houses have been burnt and are now homeless. Others have lost jobs and businesses. Still more have fled their homes due to imminent threats.

Despite terror in the streets, local Christians have found refuge in God, who the Bible says is “a strong tower against the foe” (Psalm 61:3, NIV).

“We’re not oblivious to the real war with which we’re engaged,” said one of our partners. “It is not with flesh and blood, but with the evil principalities that demonstrate, more than ever, the one who came to steal, kill, and destroy.”

The Egyptian Church is reacting by praying and fasting even more fervently.

“We’re pleading with the God of Heaven to come and give all Egyptians life more abundantly,” our partner said.

Victims on all sides of the conflict and their families are also the focus of their prayers.

“These people are in need of prayer and all kinds of help—spiritually, materially, and psychologically because of the trauma, and we’re trying to give a hand to support the need,” said our partner.

Please join our Egyptian brothers and sisters in prayer. And please give generously towards our relief efforts in Egypt and around the world. As our partner mentioned, your gifts will help bring victims the “spiritual, material, and psychological” support they need when caught in crisis.

Ways you can help


Matthew 5:9 says “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Please pray for God’s peace to be in the hearts of His children in Egypt, and for their protection throughout this time of conflict.


Your financial gift of any amount will make a direct impact on the lives of those whose countries are in crisis, including in Egypt. Please give generously today. Donate Here