Samaritan's Purse Disaster Relief

When disasters strike around the world, Samaritan’s Purse brings help and hope in the Name of Jesus.

Emergency relief and disaster response has been a cornerstone ministry for Samaritan's Purse for nearly 40 years. Through our global network of partners and Samaritan's Purse offices, we are able to respond rapidly by providing clean water, food, shelter, and household essentials such as blankets, cooking equipment, and hygiene items. Although each response is unique, our goal is to reduce suffering and to strengthen the community's coping capacity.

Natural disasters and conflict situations are devastating for families already living in poverty. We strive to equip local churches and partners to demonstrate Christ-like compassion and bring a message of hope as they help to rebuild lives.

Violence in Sudan
Samaritan's Purse is responding to the needs of thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Sudan. Learn more about how we are providing aid including food, clean water, sanitation, and medical attention for malnourished infants to over 70,000 people who have fled to a refugee camp in South Sudan.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
When a devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed over 15,000 people and displaced 340,000 in Japan, your donations equipped us to provide desperately needed relief supplies. Our work there is ongoing, as our field staff continue to empower churches and help them rebuild. Read more about our work in Japan.

Haiti Earthquake
Although the emergency phase of our work in Haiti is over, Samaritan's Purse is committed to help rebuild this quake-ravaged country. We are providing shelter, medical assistance, livelihood training, food and nutrition, and rubble removal. Read more about our work in Haiti.

Food Crisis in West Africa
Due to the food crisis sweeping across West Africa's Sahel region, severe malnutrition is rampant in the country of Niger. Samaritan's Purse is meeting emergency food needs and also doing projects that will help increase the resilience of communities to respond to food crises.

Crisis in Syria
For the material poor, political upheaval in Syria has crippled their ability to meet their basic needs. Samaritan's Purse is providing food and medicine to hundreds of families that have been affected. Read more about our work in Syria.

Volcano Eruption in Nicaragua
On September 8, 2012, the San Cristobal Volcano in Nicaragua erupted, causing the evacuation of 3,000 families, many of whom lost their crops and livestock. We  provided 1,000 of the most vulnerable displaced people with food and spiritual support.

Horn of Africa Famine Relief
Crop failure, drought, and depleted livestock have led to famine conditions in regions of northeastern Kenya. Samaritan's Purse is helping bring relief to one of the worst-hit regions by providing emergency clean water and restoring wells and reservoirs.

Refugees in Thailand
Refugees living in Bangkok, Thailand are stuck between a rock and a hard place; without refugee status they can't legally work and support themselves, but neither can they return safely to their countries. Partnering with a local church, we're providing food and shelter for dozens of these refugees in the Name of Jesus.

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Ways you can help


Please pray for those who have been victims of disasters in Canada and around the world. Pray that they would know God's love for them even in the midst of difficult circumstances.


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