BioSand Water Filters transforming lives in Cambodia

Clean water from a Samaritan’s Purse water filter helps a family in Cambodia, Asia become healthier and more productive.

Before they received a BioSand Water Filter, Lemny, 50, and his wife Socheat, 45, would spend hours of their day fueling a fire so they could boil enough water for a day of farm work.

On average, 10 or more pots of water had to be boiled and carried out to rice fields for their family to drink as they worked under the hot Cambodian sun.

Thanks to your donations, Lemny received a BioSand Water Filter from Samaritan's Purse, and he immediately saw the positive changes it brought to his family. The incidence of disease lessened drastically, allowing the large household to be more productive in their farm work. They no longer needed to boil endless pots of water to drink during the day, saving them time and money. In fact, the only water Lemny and Socheat boil now is to make tea for visitors.

Lemny took the lessons from Samaritan's Purse on hand washing, clean water, and the importance of latrines to heart. He is now on the development committee in his village and continues to be a good example of health and hygiene for both his family and community.


Ways you can help


The people of Cambodia have endured such suffering. Please pray that they will hear God's message of love and redemption as Samaritan's Purse provides clean water to their communities.


The gift of clean water changes lives forever. A gift of $150 can provide a life-saving BioSand Water Filter and related health and hygiene training to a family in need, just like Lemny and his wife Socheat. Donate Here